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NEON International Research Consortium (NEON IRC)


NEON International Research Consortium (NEON IRC)

The NEON IRC is a research network focused on extending, adapting, translating, and implementing findings from the NEON Programme. Members of the NEON-IRC might be interested in:

  • Adapting the NEON Intervention for other settings or populations, including developing a narrative collection and refining the NEON Intervention
  • Translating the NEON Intervention for use in other languages
  • Conducting secondary data analysis of existing NEON data
  • Developing new digital health interventions incorporating recovery narratives as an active ingredient
  • Developing funding applications to conduct NEON-related research activities.

The NEON IRC provides a platform for researchers to:

  • Engage with an international network of collaborators
  • Share and access up-to-date learnings from NEON-related research studies
  • Connect with a network of like-minded researchers to discuss and address challenges

The NEON IRC is co-ordinated by Stefan Rennick-Egglestone and Fiona Ng. You can apply to join the NEON IRC if you are interested in studies related to the NEON Programme.

What does the NEON IRC do?

  1. All members who join will be added to our mailing list. This will involve receiving a newsletter every three months, giving updates from NEON IRC studies, and details about new publications and other resources.
  2. We plan to organise occasional online workshops to present research findings, which will be free and open to all NEON-IRC members.
  3. We maintain a list of NEON-related projects (shown below), through which NEON IRC members can advertise their projects.

How can I find out more?

You can find information about the NEON Programme here, and findings are described here.

To find out about specific project details below please use the project contact details listed.

If you want to join the NEON IRC, or do not get a response from a project, please contact us.


The following is a list of NEON-related projects.

Knowledge of Liver Fibrosis Affect High-Risk Drinking Behaviour (KLIFAD)Funded (2020 to 2024)Recovery narratives as active ingredient in alcohol misuse interventions.United Kingdomhttps://klifad.org.uk
Lived Experience Narratives in Dementia (LEND)Funded (2024 - 2029)Development and evaluation of a digital narrative based intervention to support people living with dementia and their carersUnited KingdomLinda O'Raw (Programme Manager)

Immersive Virtual Reality experience narrating reminiscence topicsFunded (2024)Using Virtual Reality experience with travel content to create engagement between carers and older personsSingaporeKelvin Tan