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RECOLLECT International Research Consortium (RIRC)

RECOLLECT International Research Consortium (RIRC)


RECOLLECT International Research Consortium (RIRC) is an international research group advancing research and practice related to Recovery Colleges. The consortium grew out of an international survey of Recovery Colleges conducted by the RECOLLECT Study at the University of Nottingham, UK. Our aim is to maximise the positive impact of Recovery Colleges on mental health recovery of all people involved. The consortium is co-ordinated by Yasu Kotera.


We are a research consortium, conducting international and cross-cultural studies about Recovery Colleges. Our second aim is to support the development of a community of practice, by providing links (below) to people in each country where Recovery Colleges are established or being developed.


How can I find out more?

You can find information about our studies, along with findings from our England-wide RECOLLECT Study, on our findings page. If you want to connect with the Recovery College community in a particular country, please contact the country lead shown below. If you have queries about RIRC, do not get a response from the country lead, or want to be the country lead for a country not already in the consortium, please contact us.


Country Leads

CountryCountry LeadEmail
AustraliaClaire Harclac.harcla@alfred.org.au
BelgiumClara De RuysscherClara.DeRuysscher@UGent.be
BrazilJosé Orsijorsi21@gmail.com
BulgariaMichail Okoliyskiokoliyskim@who.int
CanadaDenise Silverstone
Simone Arbour
Vicky Stergiopoulos
Czech Republic / CzechiaPetra Kubinovákubinova@cmhcd.cz
DenmarkCharlotte Toernescharlotte.toernes@regionh.dk
EstoniaDagmar NarussonDagmar.Narusson@ut.ee
FinlandJonna Tolonenjonna.tolonen@oulu.fi
FranceAurélie TinlandAurelie.tinland@gmail.com
GermanyBernd Puschner
Ramona Hiltensperger
Hong KongSamson Tse
Candice Powell
HungaryZsuzsa Kondorkondor.zsuzsa@barczi.elte.hu
IrelandMichael RyanMichael.Ryan6@hse.ie
ItalyFabio Lucchifabiolucchi7@gmail.com
JapanYuki Miyamotoyyuki@m.u-tokyo.ac.jp
NetherlandsStynke Casteleins.castelein@lentis.nl
New Zealand / AotearoaEdith MooreEdith@drivedirection.org.nz
NorwayTrude Gøril KlevanTrude.Goril.Klevan@usn.no
PolandMateusz Biernat
Katarzyna Parzuchowska
PortugalMarta Ferrazquidsi.ese@gmail.com
SingaporeRoger Tan Boon Mengboon_meng_tan@imh.com.sg
SpainMar Garcia-Franco
Susana Ochoa
SwedenUlrika Bejerholmulrika.bejerholm@med.lu.se
SwitzerlandGianfranco ZuaboniG.Zuaboni@sanatorium-kilchberg.ch
ThailandChatdanai Sornchaichatdanai.sorn@gmail.com
UgandaRichard Mpangorichmpan@gmail.com
UKYasu Koterayasuhiro.kotera@nottingham.ac.uk
USAMarianne Farkasmfarkas@bu.edu