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The CIVIC study aims to develop and evaluate a new psychosocial intervention to tackle loneliness in clinical populations. It is funded by NIHR CLAHRC East Midlands.

The study has two stages. Stage 1 involved developing the theory-base for the intervention as well as consulting stakeholders on how the intervention should be designed and delivered.

Stage 2 involved designing and evaluating the ‘Groups4Health’ social connectedness programme. The evaluation focused on adults aged 18-65 with a diagnosis of depression who also reported high levels of loneliness.

Results are being prepared for publication.

CIVIC papers

Development of the CIVIC Framework for social connectedness:

Hare Duke L, Dening T, de Oliveira D, Milner K, Slade M (2019) Conceptual framework for social connectedness in mental disorders: systematic review and narrative synthesis, Journal of Affective Disorders, 245, 188-199.

Validation of the CIVIC Framework:

Hare-Duke L, Dening T, Oliveira D, Dewa R, Slade M Social connectedness in adults with mental disorders: ecological validation of a conceptual framework for novel complex interventions, Journal of Mental Health, in press.