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Refocus on Recovery 2017

Let’s Go Mad

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Let’s Go MAD!

Nottingham Conference Centre

Wednesday September 20th

an open invitation


This will be our fourth year of Nottingham MAD events. In October, we have our 4th Carnival MAD celebrating local MAD activity through activism, academia and the arts. However, we are giving Refocus on Recovery delegates the opportunity for a taster at Nottingham Conference Centre!

‘Let’s Go Mad’  Wednesday 20th September from 2 – 5:30 pm follows from Refocus on Recovery. OPEN FUTURES, Nottingham MAD Network, and Making Waves lived experience consultancy host the afternoon as our MAD gift to all conference participants and local community MADsters.

Admission is free. Please book through the MAD Space during this Refocus on Recovery Conference.

We have drumming, performance poetry, dancing, music and presentations and we encourage delegates to come forwards with their own 5 minute MAD spots and of course, join the speak-out.

To whet your appetites – some images from previous Carnival MADs! Conference Carnival MAD 17 will once more be hosted by our partners and allies, the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham.

But In the meantime, at Nottingham Conference Centre – Let The MADNESS Commence

Hope To See You at


Nottingham Conference Centre

Wednesday September 20th 2017



Making Waves, Nottingham MAD Network, OPEN FUTURES

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