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NEON Trials: Promotion

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NEON Press release

NEON-O Extension press release

NEON 6 month update

Video – What is the NEON Trial? (2m, 49s)

Video – What is the NEON-C Trial? (1m, 44s)

Video – Detailed description of the NEON Trials (14m, 45s)

Video – NEON Collection – Donate your story (1m, 47s)

Promote the NEON trials

If you would like to help us promote the NEON trials, please see the below approved resources for you to share:

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Share the NEON postcards

Display the NEON poster – all 3 trials

Display the NEON main trial poster (people with psychosis-like experiences)

Display the NEON-C trial poster (informal carers of people with mental health issues)

Display the NEON-O trial poster (people with any other mental health issues)

Please note, we can’t send printed copies of postcards or posters at present (the central study team are all working at home due to COVID-19), but we will update this page when they become available.


Thank you for helping us to promote the NEON trials and for improving access to mental health research