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Testimonials from NEON Collection narrators


The following testimonials are from narrators who have donated their story to the NEON collection.  To find out more about donating your story to the NEON Collection, read our guidelines here.

Testimonial #1

After several years working on my recovery, I decided to write about my recovery story to help organise my thoughts and try and explain how I feel to my family. I came to realise through reading the stories others had contributed to NEON how cathartic it can be to gain an insight into the mental health of people from all walks of life. I hope that by sharing my story with NEON, I can help others find the strength to push on with their recovery. By sharing my story, I have changed my mind set from victim of my mental health to that of someone who, in recovery can help others.

Testimonial #2

Many thanks to the Neon intervention study for collecting narrative experiences. The mental health services do need these. There needs to be far more communication and talking together to open up.I do feel that psychiatrists and other doctors like GPs and mental health staff do not really accomplish much. This is despite a lot of resources going their way. There needs to be more support for the right way forward.

I accept that society is trying to find the right way forward and studies like Neon will hopefully discover psychological solutions empirically and help doctors go forward together with patients and the public.

I was personally happy to share with Neon information about my vulnerability to guilt and the sound of coughing and traffic. Inner voices and telepathy have troubled me and I have been pained by unreciprocated love and letters. Many people have been troubled like me no doubt. It was good to share the line from James Joyce, “God spoke to you by so many voices but you would not hear”.

Sahaja Yoga meditation is free and is something I do. I follow Shree Mataji, Sahaja Yogis would say. I was happy to share this with the researchers. We believe that now is the time of the awakening of Collective Consciousness, which psychiatrist Carl Jung clearly described. Sahaja Yoga has been around for over 50 years now having been started by Shree Mataji in 1970.

These are hard times in so many ways, as we face fire and flood and climate change, financial problems and political instability. People are struggling and seeking answers. Shree Mataji was awarded a United Nations Peace medal and Claes Nobel thanked Her for giving hope to humanity.

I hope people will gain from reading about my own problems from my story and that they might consider Sahaja Yoga meditation. We do need something.

Thanks to Neon for asking people to share their stories.

Andrew Low