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The NEON programme

The NEON (Narrative Experiences Online) programme ran from 2017 to 2023, although its work continues through a range of funded activities.  Information about who was involved in funding and leading the study is here.

NEON tested whether having online access to people’s real-life stories of recovery from mental ill health can be helpful for people experiencing psychosis or other mental health problems, and those who offer them carer. Our headline finding is that access to online recovery narratives improves quality of life and increases the presence of meaning in life for people affected by mental health problems, but who have had no experience of psychosis. You can read more in our 2024 paper published in the journal World Psychiatry.   

All published findings of our programme are described here. Work to publish NEON programme findings is ongoing, and we expect NEON study papers to continue to emerge, including our final report. Every journal paper that we publish is available open access for free public download. 

During the NEON programme, we collected lots of recovery stories, many of which were donated through public collections such as those listed here. You can read about the our collection of narratives here

“Stories carry in their DNA a blueprint for survival” – John Yorke