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We published an overview of the RECOLLECT 2 Programme (here).

What is a Recovery College?

We developed a fidelity checklist and measure (downloadable here), and evaluated the measure in 39 Recovery Colleges (here). We then conducted a national survey, obtaining responses from 68 (77%) of the 88 Recovery Colleges (listed here) in England in September 2021.

How many Recovery Colleges exist?

We explored the characteristics and representativeness of Recovery College students (here). In 2021 we conducted a survey of all Recovery Colleges in England, in which we identified 88 colleges. The publicly-available contact details of the 68 Recovery Colleges in England which responded to our survey are listed here. We are currently conducting a global survey, and have identified over 200 colleges in approximately 28 countries.

How do Recovery Colleges work?

We developed a framework for collaborative data analysis (here). We used this framework to co-develop a model of mechanisms of action and outcomes for students attending Recovery Colleges (here), and also investigated mechanisms of action and outcomes at other levels (here).