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Refocus on Recovery 2023 international conference


Join us in-person on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th September 2023 as we reconnect with our international community and share the latest advances in the field of recovery research.

We want the Refocus on Recovery 2023 conference to be an opportunity to come together as a community of people with shared interests, and to create and strengthen research collaborations. Our conference will focus on the three themes of cross-cultural learning, digital approaches, and re-imagining services.

Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Wollaton Street, Nottingham, NG1 5RH, UK

Cost to attend in person for both days including conference dinner (does not include accommodation):

Full price in-person ticket: £280.00

Concessionary in-person ticket: £140.00 (for local, voluntary and community interest groups, small charities, self-help groups, and people who use and/or provide unpaid care for people using mental health services)

Cost to watch live online for both days: £60.00 (includes all talks, oral and keynote presentations on the programme). You will also receive immediate access to videos of the conference oral and keynote presentation after Refocus on Recovery 2023.

To purchase an in-person ticket please click here: https://www.gigantic.com/refocus-on-recovery-2023-changing-conversations-fostering-connections-building-communities-tickets-8845

To purchase an online ticket please click here: https://www.gigantic.com/refocus-on-recovery-2023-changing-conversations-fostering-connections-building-communities-tickets-5815

Payment is by debit/credit card

*If you are employed by Notts Healthcare NHS Trust then please email karen.sugars@nottshc.nhs.uk for instructions.


Reconnect with the latest in recovery research as we explore our key themes:


Theme 1: Cross-cultural learning


What different perspectives, scientific research, explanatory models and working practices are emerging internationally? Where are the best examples of cultural adaptation? What are community-based approaches, and is the meaning of ‘community’ changing?

Example topics include: rights-based policy and practice in different countries; integration of Western and traditional / indigenous models of emotional distress; using lived experience in high-stigma settings, learning from Mad Studies and survivor research, non-biomedical meaning frameworks (e.g. Power-Threat-Meaning, spiritual emergence, post-traumatic growth).


Theme 2: Digital approaches

What are the opportunities and challenges of new online and digital interventions? Who benefits and who is excluded? What technological innovations are occurring within and beyond the mental health system?

Example topics include: the impact of technology on therapeutic relations (e.g. telepsychiatry, video consultations); digital health interventions to support recovery; online peer support; person-centred care approaches using artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning, natural language processing, recommender systems); big data and mental health recovery; therapy chatbots; digital approaches to coproduction and community engagement.


Theme 3: Re-imagining services


What do rights-oriented, recovery-focussed, person-centred mental health and social care systems look like? What aspects of traditional mental health services need to be retained, be changed or be stopped? How do services need to evolve to deal with global challenges and uncertainties? What is the impact of the WHO guidance on community mental health services?

Example topics include: shared decision-making; community development; social movements; QualityRights; lived experience leadership; new service models such as patient-controlled admissions, peer-run crisis homes, Recovery Colleges in new service settings (e.g. forensic, young people).


Any queries can be sent to refocusonrecovery2023@nottingham.ac.uk