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MindVine (2018)

Mike Slade talks about the role of lived experience

Mindtech (2017)

Mike Slade and Dan Robotham describe the NEON Study

Oslo Debate (2017)

Mike Slade on challenges and new frontiers with recovery.

Norway Talk (2017)

Mike Slade talks about the business case for recovery.

RN Australia (2017)

Flick Grey and Mike Slade talk about lived experience, social justice and recovery


Croakey (2017)

Mike Slade talks to the Australian social journalism project Croakey about social inclusion

Radio Nottingham part 1 (2017)

Debbie Butler and Mike Slade discuss the meaning of recovery

Radio nottingham part 2 (2017)

Debbie Butler and Mike Slade discuss the meaning of recovery

Sanguine NMFM 106.6 (2016)

Mike Slade on Resilience, recovery and happiness.

Don Dunstan Foundation (2016)

Mike Slade gave a lecture titled ‘Home as part of the journey of recovery’ at the Addressing Homelessness conference in Adelaide, outlining the role of home and belonging in recovery.

Q&A for Don Dunstan Talk (2016)

RTR FM Radio (2016)

This radio interview discusses the nature of recovery, issues with diagnosis, and approaches to challenging stigma.


3CR Community Radio (2015)

This radio interview discusses what recovery and social inclusion mean in practice, covering the role of treatment in recovery, issues of stigma and diagnostic over-shadowing, and the importance of having different narratives available.



Grace Groom Memorial Oration (2015)

The Grace Groom Memorial Oration was established to pay tribute to the former Chief Executive Officer of Mental Health Australia. This film shows Mike Slade giving the 2015 oration, covering issues of stigma, human rights and involvement of people living with mental ill-health in transforming the mental health system.

ABC RN Breakfast (2015)

This radio interview covered some of the issues with labelling mental health problems as toxic.


ABC The World Today (2015)

This radio interview discusses the challenges of stigma within the mental health system.


mentalhealthcare.org.uk (2014)

The web-site mentalhealthcare.org.uk gave information about psychosis for family members and informal carers. The web-site is no longer in operation, but three videos Mike Slade contributed for the web-site can still be accessed: What is recovery?How can services support recovery? and What is a peer professional?


Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience – Parade of Stars (2013)

Each year at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London, they bring together IoPPN academic stars to share their groundbreaking work with each other. The podcast is of Mike Slade and his presentation made at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (formerly the Institute of Psychiatry) in 2013.

Recovery: Hope and Choice (2011)

The film presents the personal stories of people from black minority ethnic communities with lived experience of mental health problems and focuses on the experience of recovery and mental health services. The film was made in partnership between the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (formerly the Institute of Psychiatry), King’s College London and Fanon Southside Partnership.


mentalhealthcare.org.uk – information about recovery for family members and friends of people who have experienced psychosis (2010)

Mike Slade talks about different aspects of recovery in films made specifically for this website. You can view the films on the Recovery page of mentalhealthcare.org.uk (the grants that supported this website have now ended so mentalhelathcare is no longer being updated regularly).

Recovery of persons with SMI, conceptualization and implementation

A presentation by Mike Slade at an International Workshop – Rehabilitation and Community Integration of Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities: the first 10 years and beyond – held in October 2010 In Israel.