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Treatment manual for positive psychotherapy for psychosis

Slade M, Brownell T, Rashid T, Schrank B (2017) Positive Psychotherapy for Psychosis, Hove: Routledge.

See also the papers from our WELLFOCUS Study

Interdisciplinary investigation of the links between recovery and wellbeing

Slade M, Oades L, Jarden A (Editors) (2017) Wellbeing, Recovery and mental health, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Person-centred care planning

Tondora J, Miller R, Slade M, Davidson L (2014) Partnering for Recovery in Mental Health: A Practical Guide to Person-Centered Planning. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.

An introduction to recovery in Italian

Slade M (2011) Personal recovery: Teoria e pratica della guarigione personale, Rome: Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore.

A scholarly overview of the rationale and evidence for recovery, including 26 international case studies

Slade M (2009) Personal recovery and mental illness: a guide for mental health professionals, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.