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Thank you for visiting our publications page, which gives Recovery Research Team publications from King’s College London (until 2015) and University of Nottingham (since 2015). Please use the links on the below to navigate. 

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Treatment manual for positive psychotherapy for psychosis

Slade M, Brownell T, Rashid T, Schrank B (2017) Positive Psychotherapy for Psychosis, Hove: Routledge.

See also the papers from our WELLFOCUS Study

Interdisciplinary investigation of the links between recovery and wellbeing

Slade M, Oades L, Jarden A (Editors) (2017) Wellbeing, Recovery and mental health, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


MindVine (2018)

Mike Slade talks about the role of lived experience

MindTech (2017)

Mike Slade and Dan Robotham describe the NEON Study