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RRN meeting and presentation archive




Please note, this page does not contain every presentation made at previous meetings.


27 November 2019

Presented by Hári Sewell

Responsiveness and resilient communities: supporting recovery as an act of resistance

Jill Hemmington

Approved Mental Health Professionals’ Decision-Making: Communication and Power

Tony Sparkes and Kate Karban

Recovery and Social Perspectives in Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Practice


10 May 2019

Our 10th anniversary celebration!

Presented by Tony Sparkes

The Impact of the RRN 2009 – 2019

Presented by Emilia Deakin

Digital Approaches to Data Collection in People Recovering from Psychosis

Presented by Sara Meddings and Louise Patmore

Implementing Recovery College Research

Presented by Shulamit Ramon and Sarah Rae

Shared Decision Making (SDM) as a Turning Point

Presented by Andrew Shepherd

Social and Group Dynamics in relation to the Process of Personal Recovery

Presented by Mike Slade

10 Years of Recovery Research


7 November 2018

Presented by Anne Rackham:

Welcome and Introduction to NHFT

Presented by Amanda Green:

The Use of Self to Build Recovery Focused Therapeutic Relationships: Learning lessons from peer support – applying to all mental health professionals

Presented by Stephanie Barker:

Peer Support and Homelessness: What Makes It Work?

Presented by Vanessa Pinfold:

Working on research to address loneliness and build social connectedness: reflections from three studies

Presented by David Morris:

Social connection and active citizenship: the Connected Communities approach to research and network engagement


17 May 2018

Presented by Joanna Dawson and Toni King:

Reflections on the Process and Outcomes of Coproduced Staff Training

Bricolage: An exploration of a recovery process

Floorboards, Whtiewalls and Butterflies


21 November 2017

Presented by David McDaid:

Dying from inequality: Suicide and socio-economic disadvantage

Presented by Ian Cummins:

Mental Health and Austerity

Presented by Ian Tucker:

Poverties of Opportunity: The Changing Spaces Of Mental Health

Presented by Jed Boardman:

Mental Health: Exclusion to Inclusion?



16 November 2016

Presented by Debbie Alred, Chris Moxon and Richard Love:

Getting out and staying out – the additional recovery challenges for forensic service users

Presented by Kathryn Greenwood:

The early youth engagement (EYE) in psychosis findings:  Engaging young people in our services

Presented by Shula Ramon:

Social dimension in mental health recovery and social inclusion work

Presented by Mike Slade:

In support of personal recovery

Presented by Stephanie Daley and Jean Southey:

Recovery and quality of life people with dementia and their carers:  What do we know, making involvement meaningful

Presented by Sara Meddings:

Setting the scene:  What is recovery, why recovery research

Presented by Mark Hayward:

The voices clinic


21 March 2016

Presented by Nadja Lodberg:

Evaluating new peer support services in Denmark

Presented by ENRICH team

Evaluating peer support

Presented by Joanne Croxford:

WI Initiative for Recovery Research

Presented by Kostantina Poursanidou:

Critical reflections on the role of mad knowledge(s) in ‘recovery-orientated’ mental health care practice

Presented by Martin Webber

Introducing the Connecting People Intervention

10 November 2015

Presented by Mary Jane O’Sullivan:

Implementing shared decision making

Presented by Toby Brandon:

Implemetation of Recovery Research Projects

Presented by Shula Ramon:

Focus on Implementation of Recovery Research Findings

Presented by Sharon Gilfoyle:

Shared Decision Making

Presented by Yasmin Ishaq:

Open Dialogue From Theory To Practice

Presented by Manaan Kar Ray and Sarah Rae:



20 April 2015

Presented by Dave Harper:

Do we need to rethink recovery?

Presented by Diana Rose:

The mainstreaming of recovery

Presented by Mike Slade:

Why quantitative recovery research is needed and how it helps

Presented by Anju Keetharuth:

The REQol measure

Presented by Julie Williams:

Measuring staff support for recovery: development of INSPIRE


28 November 2014

Presented by Dianne Tetley:

Outcomes Orientated Approach to the delivery of Mental Health Services

Presented by Mat Rawsthorne:

Online forums

Presented by Claire Harding:

Big White Wall


30 April 2014

Presented by Karen Machin:

Challenging and confirming a professional nursing identity: the role of partners and processes

Presented by Phil Morgan:

Lived Experience Mentoring for Psychiatrists- an initial evaluation

Presented by Clair Le Boutillier:

Grounded theory study on staff and recovery

Presented by Ellie Fossey:



6 November 2013

Presented by Chris Griffiths and Vanessa Pinfold:

Improving community health networks for people with severe mental illness: a case study investigation

Presented by Bridget Hamilton:

Auditing the Victorian policy framework for recovery-oriented practice

Presented by Glenn Roberts:

Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change – ImROC

The experience of developing inclusive local networks to support developments in recovery and cultural change

Presented by Anne Markwick:

Recovery Orientated Practice – walking the walk

Presented by Kathy Greenwood:

Early Youth Engagement in first episode psychosis services (the EYE project): Employing service user, carer and young peoples’ views to develop a new youth engagement model


25 April 2013 (RRN meeting 9)

Presented by Alan Simpson (Chief Investigator, City University London), Ben Hannigan (Cardiff University), Michael Coffey (Swansea University), Aled Jones (Cardiff University), Jitka Jancova (City University London), Alison Faulkner (Independent Service User Researcher Consultant):

Cross-national comparative study of recovery-focused mental health care planning and coordination (COCAPP)

Presented by Emma Kaminskiy (PhD student exploring SDM for psychiatric medication management), Sarah Rae (service user, Co-researcher and Co-interviewer), Dominic Hall Smith (CPN and Co-researcher), Anglia Ruskin University:

Shared decision making in psychiatric medication management


7 November 2012 (RRN meeting 8)

Presented by Alan Simpson (Professor of Collaborative Mental Health Nursing), Julie Rowe (School of Health Sciences, City University London):

Experiences of peer support in the transition from hospital to home: results of a pilot study

Presented by Terry Bowyer:

Peer supporters in mental health

Presented by Katherine Owen and Sarah Gibson (Service User Researchers), Steve Gillard (Principal Investigator, St George’s, University of London):

New ways of working in mental health services: assessing and informing the emergence of peer worker roles in mental health service delivery 


21 May 2012 (RRN meeting 7)

Presented by Julie Billsborough, Peter Mailey, Alice Hicks, Ruth Sayers, Roger Smith, Naomi Clewett, Chris Griffiths and John Larsen (Rethink Mental Illness):

Ups and downs: experiences of support in bipolar 


21 October 2010 (RRN meeting 4)

Presented by Julie Williams, Victoria Bird, Clair le Boutillier, Mary Leamy and Mike Slade (Section for Recovery, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London):

INSPIRE, a new measure of the recovery orientation of services

Presented by John Larsen (Rethink Mental Illness):

Meaning and identity in recovery


15 April 2010 (RRN meeting 3)

Presented by Sarah Ajayi, Julie Billsborough, Terry Bowyer, Pippa Brown, Alice Hicks, John Larsen, Peter Mailey, Ruth Sayers, Roger Smith, (Rethink Mental Illness):

Getting back into the world: reflections on lived experiences of recovery